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Taking off the Mask

Posted by Chris Dock on

Cloud chaos said sad to the excitement of being on.
I wonder where the little bits of play wander inside the museum of others’ dreams.
Hello, I, I thought you were us until we didn’t get to be we.
I! (Gasp!) I! (Gasp!) I!
Radar beep. Tuning in.
In the pursuit of making better others you had made only yourself inside of them.
More children of you.
To feed, house, and dip toes into.
The portal of the forgotten carriers.
Ancient archeologist on the inner flip.
There before me I see a friend broken by the puppeteer who couldn’t find a way in.
I being us am in and between.
Living cloud chaos with anchors to now.
Awake! Awake! Hallelujah!
I have seen the bleeps and blops form into a prophet of cryptic passage.
Be your own leader.
I set you free.
Free me as you leave and know that when you return you will return as you and I will return as me.
Alas, together we can continue the path of the eye.

“Taking off the Mask”
By Chris Dock
Photo by Eric Morales
Mask by Chris Dock

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