There is an invisible world


Have a nice day.

I met up with John Micheal a few months back to play around with a character for my next story Bird Dreams. The character’s name is Chip Lester and he is possessed by an alien named Pando. Without Chip knowing, Pando speaks through him to the other aliens. The music was created by Corduroi and I did the animations. I am working towards the look and feel of the story and happy with the direction it is heading. Have a nice day. 💕


Hi, I'm Chris Dock

My first book is out!

Imagination Weapon

I made this birthday animation for my girlfriend's nephew Cylas Siciliano. Sounds by Slow Hand.



Street Magic

A celebration of having an idea with a friend.

Written by Chris Dock & Montsho Jarreau Thoth
Animated by Chris Dock
Sound by Slow Hand

Opening a Portal

There is an invisible world
A system of movement
Balanced by waves
Inhabited by awareness
Creating more