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Why Secrets of Earth?

Posted by Chris Dock on

Secrets of Earth is the name I chose for my art brand. I found this name after I got obsessed with collecting still available domain names with dot coms a few years ago. I let a lot of them expire, not paying the $20 a year, and they are now being sold for $5,000+. I didn’t collect them because I wanted to resell them though, I got them because they filled my mind with ideas.

Somewhere in my search I found! This blew my mind because it seemed so obvious. With 7.53 billion people on Earth I somehow owned a small piece of the internet that held the secrets. How fun. Over the years, the name stuck with me. It is epic and grandiose, but also kind of silly. I personally love things that are fantastical, spiritual, occult, mysterious, magical, psychedelic. I am a sucker for a compelling conspiracy theory, a Jodorowsky film, a Duncan Trussell rant, and a pretty crystal. I am also naturally a very skeptical person, stemming from the abandoning of my Catholic upbringing for a lattice of confusingly evolving personal philosophies. Now, my bullshit guard is up and my third eye rolls anytime someone seems to be too lost in the sauce.

For me, fiction and humor are great ways to explore challenging ideas without getting overzealous. I like finding passage ways through the layers of mystery instead of building up walls and gathering people around to protect them.

I believe that the true Secrets of Earth cannot be told, they must be felt. Whether alone or together I appreciate those who are searching for truth. Some of my friends will remember a time when I would always ask the question, “what is our cognitive duty?” This project, Secrets of Earth, is a big part of my answer.

( ps. This amazing logo was designed by the very talented Lauren Griffin @typogriff )


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