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I got asked some questions on this fashion site thanks to photographer Jinni J and Margaret Bechtold, here is one of my answers I wanted to share:

What do you thing the world needs most right now?:

The human world needs to improve resources of sustainable energy, food, and construction techniques. Our technology has to work more like a tree and that needs to be implemented on an affordable ubiquitous consumer level. We need to continuously refresh religion, so that it doesn’t ostracize certain styles of people or use hope and fear as a means of financial subscription, but works as a unification and celebration of existence, the mysteries, and developer of good works. I believe the governments of the world should be more direct and utilize interconnectivity technology to do a better job of matching resources with the average desires of the people. We should be careful with Artificial Intelligence and make sure it is a platform that is distributed and not held by a few. Plus we should make sure that when we start implementing technology in our bodies we do so cautiously and don’t shock the system. Socially we need to galvanize good behavior and use it to balance the bad of the time. That being said we should be accepting and open to change for the good of one moment could be the bad of the next and it is the variance in the gene pool of everything that encourages progress. Also, we need to obviously diminish the economy of war and redistribute that energy to systems that support people of low means, encourage and make desirable better education, as well as explore the fucking universe.
All in all we need to focus more on what the sun does for us and have a good time enjoying our present moments.



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