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Eye of the Light

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Eye of the Light

I believe in the power of symbols just as I believe in the importance of a name. They are container of feelings, memories, legacy as well as generators of meaning. I take symbols, brands, names, icons very seriously and I have a deep appreciation for their subtleties.

For humans, I believe the most powerful visual symbol is an eye. If you were to get 1,000 sticky notes and draw out all kinds of images, patterns, logos, shapes, words, and more I bet the image that stands out to you the most would be an eye. That would be a fun science experiment.

When I was searching for a symbol to represent this project, I thought about using a shape from the Alphabet of Everything I created. I eventually decided upon this symbol above and I am calling it the Eye of the Light (EOTL).

It looks very familiar, reminds me of a lot of eye logos and eye symbols, yet has it’s own way about it. It’s own sense of uniqueness in the pairing of line weights, the curve of lines, the stark red circle around it. It is a mark that could have only been created after the invention of vector based graphic design, yet has a lineage linking back to all the eye symbols drawn since the beginning of written communication.

How does this eye make you feel?

Much Love,
Chris Dock


Here is a poem I wrote many years ago about a circle:

The Circle

To understand
I can’t understand
But I wouldn’t want it to make sense
The past tense
Where our fathers are fish
Fathered by time
In this loop of a blood line
Bled the future marked
By ocean eyes
Where the black holes radiate
The first surprise
Old lies
Have the pope shifting
The shape of the sun
Murdering the white room
With his red rum
Such great fun
To know the true patterns
Of gods are still hidden
With palmed press eyes
I see can the darkness is risen
In a prism prison
I travel to
A moment of you
Just to push on through
Though into

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