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Just Out of Reach

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I feel this way often. A glow behind the eyes. An urgency to take action. It comes with a question and an answer. Am I doing everything I should to fulfill my purpose? The reply: Focus on taking continuous steps towards progress, enjoy the free air. Fractals in all directions. Hell and heaven war inside of every thought. I play Jujitsu with my loops. Finesse out the dark like a polite burp. Joy is an acquaintance I long to marry. Not a virgin, nor pneumatic. The perfect unrequited.

I have been having fantasies about this blue box. The red tape cut from the sparkled veil. My time was drifting inside of a network of playful treasure and insecurity. Now, I cocoon myself in a tablet of foundations. This is the only life I know for sure. The others lamented in a fleshed out adolescent grid. The mystery network beyond, this blue box, will be born.

I will try my best to speak the truth.

Much Love,
Chris Dock

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